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   This equipment gives you a great gain while planting. It also make your planting easy and fast, with an ideal uniformity not only at the distance but also at the deepness, reducing the time comparing to the work without equipment. The equipment that distributes does no make any harm to the moults, putting them in the soil in the right position automatically.
    The moults can be stocked in the distributor by one or two people every line of planting.
Nowadays in Brazil, there is no equipment with these characteristics, it is still done manually and the moults must be placed one by one in the land, requiring a long time and staff to do such task.
    Using this equipment your planting occurs in a mechanical way, with the same quality of a manual system, but faster.
Check some pictures:


    The Seed Planter is an equipment made to plant in a uniform line many kinds of plants. It substitutes the manual system, doing all the process in an automated way, the operator only need to put the moults in the distributor and covering with land where it was planted.
    It's traction is done by a tractor linked to the hydraulic system, through a steel chassis, where the ridger , the distributor and the wheels are arranged.
    The ridger makes the opening of the ridge while planting the moults, cultivating it directly in the straw.
    The wheel transmit the movement, through chains, to the distributor compounded by a chain where both staffs are arranged, with a steel claw, activated by guides fixing and conducing the moults until they are released in the soil.
    The closing of the ridge is made by the same wheels that transmit the movement to the distributor. The distributor must be fed by the operator.


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