One of our missions is to ease your life. Check some of these products:

  1. Exclusive Products:
    - Basin, for cooking the cane extract and molasses.
    - Molasses Mixer 
    - Aeolic exhauster 
    - Home water reservatory
    - Handbarrow
    - Alembic
    - Handbarrow to spread urea


  The steam juice extractor that extracts the fruit juice naturally: grape, pear, peach, apple, strawberry, berries, guava, pineapple, mango and other. The juice is extracted without water, used as steam to extract the juice, maintaining the natural substances of the fruit. Later, you keep of freeze it, with or without sugar. It is the more efficient and natural method of using the fruit. The remaining pulp may be used to make jam.


Crush and triturate a great variety of products. Treat corn. Crush cane, grass and many other forager plants.

- The use of special bases is dispensed
- Compact and efficient, it uses a small space and supply and excellent produce
- Monophasic engine of 2 hp


- Steel structure.

- Revolvable basin for cooling, inox steel 3041 supporting 30 kg.

- Two forks to mix the molasses.

- Forks made on a dumping waggon structure to ease the work.

- Monophasic engine of 2 hp.

- Swiveled wheel to ease the movement of the equipment.


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